Recipe for Aunt Glo’s Pecan Balls

"These cookies, created by my great-aunt Glo, have been a family favorite for decades. She bakes several batches for us every year… I always have a few as soon as I wake up on Christmas morning!" –Katie Farmand, associate editorAunt Glo’s Pecan BallsMakes 7 dozen2 cups softened butter5 tablespoons sugar4 teaspoons vanilla extract4 cups ground … Continue reading Recipe for Aunt Glo’s Pecan Balls

Recipe for Pecan Tassies

When searching for an ideal cool-weather sweet, comforting, tried-and-true recipes are the first that come to mind. Just in time for fall, TeaTime reader Karen Haynes sent us her recipe for a season-perfect teatime treat.Pecan TassiesMakes 24 tassies1/2 cup plus1 tablespoon softened unsalted butter, divided1 (3-ounce) package cream cheese, softened1 cup all-purpose flour1 egg3/4 cup … Continue reading Recipe for Pecan Tassies

Yummy Teapot Cookies of JA image

Mischief Mari is a delightful cookie chef who has made a gourmet tribute to our favorite author. She has consented to give an online lesson on decorating the cookies at asked why she wanted to make JA cookies, her response was, "With Jane Austen on for a good part of this year (on PBS) … Continue reading Yummy Teapot Cookies of JA image