Preparing for the AGM: Brothers & Sisters poll

“Here you are in your own family.”

The 2009 Steering Committee, having spent quite some time in the company of Jane Austen’s brothers and sisters, are wondering what their JASNA brothers and sisters think of the siblings which Jane wrought. Which two brothers and which two sisters, created by Jane Austen, would JASNA members like to have as their own brothers and sisters? Please email us or send us the names of the two brothers and two sisters, created by Jane Austen, whom you would like to have for your very own. Results will be announced at the AGM and posted here after the close of the AGM. You do not need to be registered for the AGM to participate. You must, however, be a JASNA member.

Deadline for submission: August 31, 2009. Email: Please put “Austen Family” in the subject line so that we tally your email.

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