Book recommendation: Jane Austen Collection recently featured the Jane Austen Collection as a wonderful text for every Janeite.
Here is a synopsis of their review: Jane Austen’s novels have proved to be enduring favorites in every medium in which they appear, whether books or movies, comic books or TV mini-series. Works like Emma, Persuasion, and Pride and Prejudice present incomparable portraits of marriageable but discriminating young women, the scoundrels and gentlemen who entrance and confound them, their scheming mothers and hapless fathers — all set in the well-mannered world of early 19th-century British country life. With this collection, fans can enjoy the books anew in audio format. Joanna Lumley, whose Patsy made Absolutely Fabulous a cult hit, aptly showcases the mordant wit of Pride and Prejudice. Anna Massey brings character and vigor to her dramatizations of Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, and Northanger Abbey. Belinda Lang offers a stylish interpretation of Emma, while Harriet Walter evokes Austen in a different mode in her reading of the little-known novella, The Watsons. Musical backgrounds enhance the listener’s experience.
Thanks to Janeite Geri for the find!

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