Penguin Classics Podcasts

“Penguin Classics On Air” has new podcasts you might enjoy:

This is from Penguin Classics Press Release:
“In the first, South African author Sheila Kohler speaks with Editorial Director Elda Rotor on the writing of her new book, the critically acclaimed Becoming Jane Eyre. Sheila discusses where she found her inspiration for the title, and what Charlotte Bronte’s story means to her. Later in the episode, scholar Juliette Wells discusses the work of the Bronte sisters how they forever changed the way women wrote.”
To hear this podcast, click on the link here .

“In the next episode, Stephen Morrison speaks on two of England’s most well-known women novelists, Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell. With all the new adaptations of Jane Austen’s Emma and Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford and Return to Cranford (starring Judi Dench) now airing on PBS Masterpiece Theater, we wanted to explore with experts the importance of each author’s work, what their works can tell us about the life of women in Britain’s 18th Century, and why their stories still resonate today. Stephen speaks with Sue Birtwistle, the producer of Return to Cranford, as well as the much loved adaptation of Pride & Prejudice that starred Colin Firth and recruited Mr. Darcy fans everywhere. Stephen also speaks with Tanya Agathocleous, an Assistant Professor of English literature at Hunter College, specializing in 19th and 20th Century British Literature & Culture.”

To hear this podcast, click on the link here.

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