Embroidered Ball Dress

Presented is an elegant 19th century pink crape ball dress featured in an 1831 issue of The Royal Lady’s Magazine. This stylish and gracefull gown is lavishly embroidered with silver.

The bodice is decorated with a leaf and flower design in silver with a narrow quilling of blonde lace across the top and on the borders of the epaulettes. The short sleeves are very full with a matching band embroidered with silver. Each sleeve is trimmed with a double edging of blonde, falling as low as the elbow.

The waist is accentuated with a wide sash of pink gauze ribbon, also embroidered with silver. The long sash, nearly reaching the bottom of the skirt, is fastened on the side by a gold clasp. The skirt is full with the lower half highlighted by a wide area of silver embroidered flowers, leaves, and vines.

The elaborate coiffure is fastened with a French gold comb and surmounted by a large bouquet of roses with silver foliage. A matching smaller bouquet is placed on the side at the waist. The LACMA features a similar style dress decorated with faux pearls and fish scales. View dress here.

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