Jane Austen on the Web

Craig Gillespie Appears Ready to Direct ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’Film School RejectsAuthor Seth Grahame-Smith took a Jane Austen classic about social repression, marriage, estates, and all of that 19 th century England stuff that Austen liked to write about, and he infused it with subtle elements of a zombie story. …See all stories on this topic » Film School Rejects KVPAC Shines Spotlight on Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice 4/8-9Broadway WorldAll of the wit and romance of Jane Austen’s classic 1813 novel come to life in this refreshingly fast-paced and engaging adaptation, directed by Gregory Magyar, KVPAC’s Performing Arts Director and Executive Artistic Director. …See all stories on this topic » Willingly lost in AustenSydney Morning Herald“Jane Austen’s characters are living creatures and that’s why we adore them so much,” says Helen Porter, who runs P and P Tours, a company that takes guests across the English countryside in search of the locations used in the BBC production. …See all stories on this topic » Sydney Morning Herald Jane Austen’s Guide to Being a GentlemanFirst Things (blog)In the latest addition to my Jane Austen Theorem*, Mark T. Mitchell explains how Jane Austen teaches us to be a gentlemen: Austen’s gentlemen (I’m thinking especially of Darcy here) understand the call of duty; they are committed to family, reputation, …See all stories on this topic » Jane Eyre reviewDigitaltrends.comIt does not have the fun or whimsy that Jane Austen’s works did, nor does it have the social undertones of books by authors like Charles Dickens. Yet it remains in the pantheon of classic British novels, and considered so for good reason. …See all stories on this topic » Digitaltrends.com Biting into a legendary bunThe HinduWe order a Sally Lunns cream-tea and, as a concession to Bath’s famous daughter, a Jane Austen Cream-tea. The tea arrives quickly; the buns take their time. We spend our time productively by reading up about them. Sally Lunn, we learn, …See all stories on this topic » The Hindu Review: What Would Mr Darcy Do?Examiner.comHe doesn’t let the opportunity to mend his bridge pass while he has her before him, thus the misunderstandings that could have been avoided in Jane Austen’s original Pride and Prejudice are avoided. That’s not to say other characters don’t completely …See all stories on this topic » Yes, this dance troupe really is that goodIndianapolis StarIn front of a backdrop of heavy red curtains, the full company of 16 presented a work inspired by the novels of Jane Austen, in which the narrow prospects for female happiness are set against rigid conceptions of the proper male role. …See all stories on this topic » Sense and sensibility in the property marketKent OnlineThus a Jane Austen novel on the property market could have begun. Sadly today there are plenty of families wanting a house, especially with affordability at near-record levels, but few can get a mortgage. Austen knew a thing or two about property, …See all stories on this topic » New on DVD: Colin Firth in ‘A Summer in Genoa’Plain DealerBy Chris Ball, The Plain Dealer Jane Austen fans melt at the sight of Colin Firth, but the Oscar winner for “The King’s Speech” has a different kind of female trouble in this anxious 2008 drama. He’s a single American father raising two daughters after …See all stories on this topic »

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