Experience- a new PandP sequel

Meg Kerr recently published Experience, a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. She wrote it with the intention of trying to re-create Austen’s voice and follow the stories that were left untold at the end of Pride and Prejudice, and it has received some nice reviews from readers.

This new sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice spirits the reader away to Regency England, beginning as Darcy and Elizabeth arrive at Pemberley on their honeymoon. But Elizabeth had captured the heart of more than one man…what will that man’s swift arrival at Pemberley mean for the Darcys? Lady Catherine de Bourgh is intent on capturing a husband, with or without his heart, for her daughter scorned by Darcy; and Caroline Bingley, also rejected by Darcy, is intent on achieving greater importance in the world through marriage to an aristocrat—yet who is that tall, dark man attracting her gaze who is “not quite a gentleman”? And who is it that Lydia’s eyes…and feet…are following? Kitty is turning into a woman, and her fine dark eyes are turned towards one who is out of her reach, while Jane and Bingley who had achieved perfect happiness on their marriage begin to find it retreating from their grasp. Mary, meanwhile, stakes her happiness on a union of true minds, only to learn that learning alone is a cold companion. As this Pride and Prejudice sequel moves in interwoven stories from the end of 1812 to the end of 1815, new light is shed on much loved old characters, and new characters are introduced who will make thousands of friends.

One reviewer said, “The most common complaint most Austen fan fiction readers have is the exceedingly different language that the modern sequels are written in. I can proudly say that Experience is the closest thing you can find to an original Jane Austen novel. Kerr needs to be praised not only for her mastery of Austen’s language, but for her willingness to learn the intricacies of 18th/19th century language. It’s stunning similarity to Austen’s own pen was the biggest enjoyment factor for me.”

Another wrote: “This is a subtle yet sophisticated telling of the futures of the inhabitants of Pride and Prejudice. It is an amusing and entertaining drawing room story of the life beyond P&P and gives us a chance to know all of the characters. I so enjoyed reading this tale and recommend it to those seeking a continuation of the Jane Austen P&P….”

If you are interested in Experience, you can see reviews and excerpts at http://www.bluebellpublishing.com/, or on the Amazon.com website (http://www.amazon.com/Experience-Meg-Kerr/dp/0986778907/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1298643077&sr=1-1)

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