My Top Five Weekly Finds Online

I found this really great store on Esty this week. Spoonfulofchocolate takes classic book covers and turns them into bags and ebook covers. I really liked her Wuthering Heights Book Purse, the Pride and Prejudice Book Purse and the Little Women EReader Book Case.

This past week I was also made aware of this great article that ran in The Guardian back in June of this year, The Country House and the English Novel. It’s a look at the obsession of country houses in English literature.

I took some time this week to acknowledge that there are those people who do not like Jane. Everyone has their reasons and if you do a search for “I hate Jane Austen” you can spend a weekend reading through a series of blog post where the authors list to no end the reasons why they dislike our beloved Jane. This is the one I shared with everyone. But if you have some free time think about reading through reasons why people hate Jane, for me…I realized some more reasons about why I loved her.

Oxford University Press’s blog had a post titled From First Impressions to Pride and Prejudice and it includes a series of audio sections featuring Fiona Stafford of Somerville College, Oxford discussing Pride and Prejudice’s history.

My final pick is a great blog post over at Jane Austen’s World on muslin. Muslin: A Beautiful & Versatile Cloth for Regency Fashion, discusses the cloth, a brief history and it’s many uses and designs.

Note from last week’s blog post:
Last week I shared with you an article posted on the Huffington Post by Lev Raphael. We received this comment:

Amelia, thanks for letting people at your branch of JASNA know about my Austen blog at The Huffington Post!

Have a great holiday, and I hope you enjoy my 21st book, “Pride and Prejudice: The Jewess and the Gentile.”


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