Flashback Friady

Today’s flashback posts comes from monthly posts from 2009. 

In 2009 Solitary Elegance posted desktop pictures that looked back at Ackermann’s Repository.
From the site:

Looking back at Ackermann’s Repository (last updated 1 December 2009)
The original Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, Manufactures, &c. was published monthly from 1809-1829 and featured a pair of fashion plates in addition to other illustrations and articles covering a variety of topics. These delicate aquatint illustrations and lovely fashions continue to delight and inspire us two hundred years later. Throughout 2009, new desktop wallpapers were posted each month showcasing two fashion plates: one from 1809 and the other from a different year during Jane Austen’s lifetime. Enjoy a year-long tour through this popular late Georgian-Regency publication!

You can see the whole years worth of beautiful desktops here, along with information about the designs featured for that month.

July’s “gowns are both Promenade Dresses: on the right, July 1809; on the left, July 1811.”

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