Update on the Blog

Since I couldn’t sleep last night I thought I would finally move forward with one of my ideas for the blog. 

Since we have an ever growing list of books to add to our Read Jane – Now What? page, I decided to set us up with a LibraryThing account. Currently there are 89 titles in our library, not counting the series which are still listed on the blog.

 There is now a widget on the side of the blog that will show 3 covers at a time from our library, you can click on that to go directly to the page.  There is also a link on the Read Jane – Now What? page. 

I went back through 2011 and added nearly every book that was mentioned on this blog, I would like to go back and add all the books that have been mentioned over the years.

Don’t forget if you have any books you would like to recommend let us know!

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