Firday Fun Poll #2

My discussion assignment this week for my class is:

Imagine you have 10 minutes to spend with a favorite author (living or dead). List three questions you would ask the author (along with why the question matters to you). Then, read other students’ selections of authors and questions. Provide comments on at least three other discussions in the form of clarifying questions, insights, and suggestions.

 I of course chose Jane Austen.  Here are the three questions I would ask her:

I’m going on the assumption that before my ten minutes with her Jane was able to catch up on the last 200 years.

1.  As we approach the 200th publication anniversary of Pride and Prejudice what do you think about the fascination with this novel over the others and the attention shown to Mr. Darcy?

2. Where were you going with Standiton and how would it have ended?

3.  After Standiton what would you have worked on next?  Would you have ever picked back up with The Watsons or turned Lady Susan into a full novel like First Impressions became Pride and Prejudice?

So for this week’s poll I want to know: If you could ask Jane any one question what would it be?
Answer here!

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