Movie Recommendation of Sorts

When looking over the results for the favorite movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice I noticed that the votes for ‘Other’ were all for the 1980 BBC version with Elizabeth Garvie.

How could I have missed that one?   I’ll tell you how…I have never seen it.

In case you are like me and have completely missed this version here’s some information:

It was a five part miniseries staring Elizabeth Garvie as Elizabeth Bennet and David Rintoul as Mr. Darcy.
It was broadcast here in the States in 1981 as part of PBS Masterpiece Theatre.
This was the fifth (we all know the sixth) time the BBC has made a version of the novel.

For more on this movie check out  Jane Austen, Meet the 80s at Arts and Entertainment (Jen F.’s blog).

One thought on “Movie Recommendation of Sorts

  1. Oh, you must see this adaptation! Elizabeth Garvie IS Lizzy Bennet; Fay Weldon did the screenplay and it is nearly perfect; I was not originally a great fan of Rintoul as Darcy [much too stiff throughout], but he has grown on me because the rest of it is so lovely.For those people who saw this as their first adaptation, it remains their favorite, so actually surprised that your \”other\” catagory did not garner a higher percentage!Please see it and review it – will be interested in your thoughts! – though it does seem dated in many ways with the setting so limited…


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