Ring for Service – The Servants Rules & Pay

The Servants Rules

  • Never let your voice be heard by the ladies and gentlemen of the house.
  • Always ‘give room’ if you meet one of your employers or betters on the stairs.
  • Always stand still when being spoken to by a member of the family and look at the person speaking to you.
  • Never begin to talk to any ladies and gentlemen unless spoken to first.
  • Servants should never offer any opinion to their employers, not even to say “good night.”
  • Never talk to another servant in the presence of your mistress.
  • Never call from one room to another.
  • Always keep outer doors fastened.
  • Only the Butler may answer the bell.
  • Every servant must be punctual at meal times.
  • The female staff is forbidden to smoke.
  • No servant is to receive any visitor, friend, or relatives in the house.
  • Any maids found fraternizing with a member of the opposite sex will be dismissed without hearing. 

-Taken from The History of the Hinchingbrooke House

Typical Monthly Wages of Kean Family Servants

  • Butler – $45
  • Valet – $30
  • Coachman – $30
  • Gardener – $36
  • Footman – $25
  • Groom – $15
  • Cook – $30
  • Parlor Maid – $16
  • House Maid – $14
  • Assistant Kitchen Maid – $12
  • Laundress – $16
  • Nanny – $20

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