Fun Friday – Marrying Mr. Darcy – update!

Back in September I shared with you a picture and information about the strategy card game called Marrying Mr. Darcy.  Recently we were contacted by the creator with some more information on the game.

Now YOU can marry Mr. Darcy

New card game based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice launching on Kickstarter September 17th.
Erika Svanoe, a Jane Austen fan and game designer, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to print her new card game Marring Mr. Darcy. Fans of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will experience the story in a whole new way, playing as one of the female heroines trying to secure her comfort and happiness by marrying well.
Marrying Mr. Darcy is in its final stages of play-testing, and will launch on Kickstarter with the full art and card design almost complete. The Kickstarter campaign will feature the game at $30, including free shipping to individuals in the US.
About the game:
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that lovers of Pride and Prejudice want to marry Mr. Darcy. Marrying Mr. Darcy is a strategy card game where players are one of the female characters from Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. Players work to earn points and attract the attention of available suitors. Our heroines do this by attending events and improving their characters, but advantage can be gained by the use of cunning. All of their efforts are in hopes of marrying well and becoming the most satisfied character at the end of the game!
Marrying Mr. Darcy was created to be the ultimate participatory fan fiction experience for lovers of Pride and Prejudice, the classic novel by Jane Austen. You are able to put yourself in the shoes of your favorite female character, who must marry to secure her comfort and/or happiness. Players are affected by who asks you to dance at the ball, Mr. Bingley leaving unexpectedly for London, and a possible elopement with Mr. Wickham. It aims to appeal to Janeites, gamers, and high school English teachers who need to trick students into reading the book. 
So after you’ve gone through to the sitting room, set up the card table and enjoy the camaraderie and competition of a round of Marrying Mr. Darcy! 
Number of players: 2-6
Recommended ages: 13+
I can happily announce that the game has reached it’s goal.  However, there are a number of stretch goals that they would like to read.  Stretch Goals are ones that the creators set as incentives to get more backing and support past their initial print run.  At the time of this post they are less than $500 from a goal that will produce an “Undead Expansion Pack” for those P&P&Z fans. I personally have backed the game and can’t wait to play it! – Amelia
Marrying Mr. Darcy website:

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