Book Recommendation: I Stopped Time by Jane Davis

I Stopped TimeI Stopped Time by Jane Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think this book would be perfect for you Downton Abbey fans.  While not set in the same kind of atmosphere, the story does party take place in the early 1900s.  I Stopped Time is the story of Lottie and told from two different points of view, in two different eras.  The first is from her own point of view in Edwardian England.  Lottie’s life is changed when she enters the photography studio of Mr. Parker.

In present day, Sir James Hastings has received boxes from his late mother’s estate. Boxes of photographs. Sir James doesn’t know his mother.  He only remembers meeting her once, very briefly, as a young child at a photography show. He employs the help of Jenny, a young photography student, who convinces him to go through the boxes.  Looking though these photographs Sir James finally gets to meet his mother.

Jane Davis writes a beautiful story of a mother and son.  She ties the story in wonderfully with the history of the times and of photography.  I really enjoyed reading the novel and took my time (unlike a lot of my rushed readings) to savor the history she includes. Lottie is the kind of character I like, she’s complex and intriguing.

Along with a review copy of the book, Jane sent me a number of really great photographs that go along wonderfully with the story.  I can’t share them all here on the blog, but I have uploaded them and you can view them here.

I Stopped Time  can be purchased in both ebook and print from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and from other sellers.

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