Friday Video!

I’m really phoning it in today…please forgive me.

If you get the JASNA – New York Metro Region email I’m sorry, but I just had to share their email from November 6!

By popular demand: where to see Wishbone
During last month’s JASNA Goes to the Movies we presented a series of Pride and Prejudice proposal scenes from television and film. The undisputed favorite four-legged Darcy was a Jack Russell terrier named Soccer who was the star of Wishbone, a children’s television series that was filmed from 1995 to 1998. The show takes place in the contemporary US with story lines that are reminiscent of events in classic stories. Wishbone always imagines himself as the star of the stories and these are performed in costume. He plays Mr. Darcy in Furst Impressions,” the episode that dramatizes Pride and Prejudice.  

Here are the links to the youtube videos:

The Pride and Prejudice segment begins at just past 3 minutes in. Darcy puts in an appearance at 5:28. 
The proposal scene is in Part 2 (Darcy wears a finely tied cravat.):
advance to 7:30.  

Annoyingly enough, the proposal continues on to:

Linda Dennery and Meg Levin

JASNA – NY Metro Region

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