Fun Friday! – Which Jane Austen Hero is Your Soulmate?

So BuzzFeed has been posting all these really fun and kinda pointless quizzes recently. They are fun to take and seem really random in what you are asked, but I thought I’d share one of their newest ones with you:

By answering some simple picture based questions, you can find which of her heroes is right for you. I went in really hopping for Capt. Wentworth. Sadly he’s not my soulmate. I took the quiz again, and again no Wentworth. After five attempts I gave up knowing that I may never get the Captain. I did however get Mr. Darcy three times, and both Edward Farris and Edmund Bertram each once.

Screen shot of my results from BuzzFeed

If anyone gets Captain Frederick Wentworth and would like to switch soulmates, just let me know, you can have Mr. Darcy!

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