Reminder – JASNA Eastern PA’s Jane Austen Day

Today I’m sharing a reminder email sent by JASNA Eastern PA about registering for their Jane Austen Day.

Reminder to Register by Monday, March 17th 
for Special Drawing
Jane Austen Day:
 The Unfinished Jane Austen

Please don’t forget to register for Jane Austen Day.  All JASNA members and students registered by this Monday, March 17th will be entered into a special random drawing for the opportunity to have dinner with our Jane Austen Day speakers on Friday, April 25th. If you plan on attending Jane Austen Day, register by Monday and you may gain the added bonus of spending an evening in the delightful company of our illustrious speakers and Jane Austen scholars, Janine Barchas, Jocelyn Harris and Michael Gamer. In any case, registrations must be postmarked no later than April 5th.
Jane Austen Day on April 26th at the Union League will be a very special event. Our great speakers will address an Austen subject, her unfinished work and literary career, that is seldom broached. It’s guaranteed to be a day of riveting discussion with three provocative Austen scholars. 

Come to Jane Austen Day to consider:
  • Why did Austen abruptly stop writing The Watsons?
  • Was it just too close to real life for comfort?
  • Did Sanditon signal Austen’s return to things light and bright?
  • Or was Sanditon to be a biting and cynical critique of an emerging industrialized England?
  • Would Austen have gained wider public fame from the publication of Sanditon?
  • Or were Austen’s best writing days behind her when she died in 1817?
For complete information about Jane Austen Day 2014, please visit:
For the registration form, please click here.
Names of the registrants randomly selected for the dinner with the speakers will be announced by e-mail next week.
Thank you!

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