Listening to Mansfield Park

In honor of the 200th Publication Anniversary of Mansfield Park the BBC reaired the radio show staring two of British Televisions famous stars, David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch.

via BBCAmerica

This is Lin Coghlin’s 10-part adaptations of the novel with Felicity Jones as Fanny alongside Tennant’s Tom Bertram and Cumberbatch’s Edmund Bertram.

You can find the first 5 of 10 episodes here:

Episode 1 – Seeking a position in society, young Fanny Price goes to live with her rich aunt and uncle.(3 days left)

Episode 2 – Fanny Price has to deal with some new neighbours from London. (4 days left)

Episode 3 – A trip to Mr Rushworth’s estate has unforeseen consequences for the whole party. (5 days left)

Episode 4 – Amateur dramatics give Fanny Price cause for consternation. (6 days left)

Episode 5 – Sir Thomas returns to Mansfield Park to find the house in disarray. (7 days left)

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