Regency Man Monday – Richard Sharp

Richard Sharp, FRS, FSA (1759 – 30 March 1835), also known as “Conversation” Sharp, was a British hat-maker, banker, merchant, poet, critic, Member of Parliament, and conversationalist.

Sharp was successful in business and political ventures but was best known around London for his conversational abilities. Sharp was also a poet and was friends with many of the notable writers of the time period including William Wordsworth (his adopted daughter and Wordsworth sister were friends) and Samuel Coleridge.  He was also accuainted with John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

For more reading please see:
The Most Popular Man of the Regency by Angelyn Schmid on The Beau Monde
RICHARD SHARP (1759-1835)
Richard ‘Conversation’ Sharp (1759-1835)
Richard Sharp (politician)

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