Regency Man Monday – Richard Twining

Source: Wikipedia

Richard Twining (1749–1824) was an English merchant, a director of the East India Company, and the head of Twinings the tea merchants in the Strand, London.

Richard was the grandson of Twining’s founder Thomas.

He entered the Twinings tea business at the age of sixteen, and succeeded to the overall management in 1771 (joined eleven years later by his brother John), and participated in the major development of the tea trade caused by the operation of Commutation Act in 1784–6, during the drafting of which William Pitt the Younger repeatedly consulted him.

Entrance to Twinings in The Strand, built by Richard Twining In 1793 Twining was elected a director of the East India Company. He had published three papers of Remarks on the tea trade of the company, and one of his first acts was to carry a self-denying motion prohibiting directors from trading with India; he took a prominent part in the affairs of the court until his resignation in 1816 in consequence of poor health.

Twining was a traveller, and his tours on the continent and in England formed the subject of journals and letters to his half-brother Thomas, extracts from which were published by his grandson Richard Twining in 1887, as Selections from Papers of the Twining Family. He died on 23 April 1824.

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