Podcasting with Jane Austen – Travel with Rick Steves: A Proper English Hour

This month we again listen to Rick Steves as he talks with guests about all things English.  This episode is from June 12, 2011, and is in three parts.

First Rick talks with Bill Bryson about the home and more specifically Bill’s Victorian home.  There is some interesting history in this section about the words we use to describe areas of the home plus history on why some items of furniture have certain designs.

Next Rick talks with London tour guide, Britt Lonsdale, about a proper Afternoon Tea. They discuss the history, the differences between High Tea and Afternoon Tea and some places you can visit in London.

Finally, Rick wraps up the episode talking with Andrew Davies.  This is the same interview found in the last Podcasting with Jane Austen episode featuring Rick Steves.  It’s similar, but it might have contained more information than the last episode.

Happy listening!

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