It’s Monday! What are you reading? – Pride and Prejudice

I’m gearing up for our discussion of Pride and Prejudice next weekend by rereading the novel.  I’m not just rereading it, I’m reading it as an English Major.  I picked up a low-cost copy, a pencil and set to reading and underlining passages and making notes in the margins. I haven’t read any of Jane’s work this way (kind of surprising) and I’m finding things that I’ve missed on previous reads of the novel.
I’m finding a kind of like Mr. Bennett a bit more, yes he’s harsh and uncaring, but he’s so witty. I’ve known this, but taking the time to mark some of his lines as made him seem new to my eyes.  
One thing I enjoy about rereading is knowing how the story is going to play out and finding tidbits that the author has left for you. Sort of a breadcrumb path through the story. These get an underline and a note about foreshadowing or “that comments going to come back to bite you”. 
What are you reading?

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