Flashback Friday – Little-known fact about Jane #7

Image result for goodfellasA number of recent movies, such as Clueless (1995), have placed the plots of Jane Austen novels in contemporary settings. Martin Scorsese introduced an unexpected note of violence into his version of Mansfield Park, re-shot as Goodfellas (1990), but, as he pointed out in a talk at the National Film Theatre recently: “To me, there’s an underlying violence in every word Austen wrote.” Experts have now begun to realise that the longrunning series EastEnders is in fact an extended version of Sense and Sensibility, with Barbara Windsor as Mrs Dashwood and Phil Mitchell as John Willoughby. 

By Craig Brown The Telegraph 26/01/2008 http://www.telegraph.co.uk

You can find the full article here –> Twelve little-known facts about Jane Austen

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