Podcasting with Jane – Stuff You Missed in History Class

One of my favorite podcasts to listen too it Stuff You Missed in History Class.  They cover a lot of interesting historical stories that either have gotten glossed over or forgotten about in history. 

A recent podcast sparked my interest and the time period worked with our era of Jane so I thought I would share it with everyone.

The episode was called The Ladies of Llangollen (clicking the link will take you to the post on the topic where you can listen to the podcast and see the research notes).

I was in Llangollen a number of years ago. It was just a stop over for the night, but it was an interesting place. I wish I had known this story then.

From the Wikipedia page:

The “Ladies of Llangollen”, Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby, were two upper-class Irish women whose relationship scandalized and fascinated their contemporaries.  In 1780 they moved to Llangollen and started their lives together. They lived together for over 50 years, and became quite a topic of conversation. The ladies were known throughout Britain, but have been said to have led “a rather unexciting life”. Queen Charlotte (Prinny’s mom) wanted to see their cottage and persuaded the King to grant them a pension.

Happy Listening!

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