Meet the Janeites – JoAnn

Name: JoAnn
How did you become a Janeite?  In Jr. H.S. I read Pride and Prejudice, and it immediately became my favorite book.
Favorite Jane Austen Novel?  Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Character?  Elizabeth Bennet, Anne Elliott, Emma
Favorite Movie Adaptation?  1995 Mini series of Pride and Prejudice
Any Sequels or Adaptations you enjoy?  Films: 1995 Persuasion & 1996 Emma  Books: Bridget Jones Diary
Anything else you want to share?  I had not heard about JASNA until I was doing online research for my course about Jane Austen. That was about 8 yrs ago when I really caught the Austen bug and had to read all the Austen novels. 
Want to be featured on Meet the Janeites? Please fill out the linked form which is a quick survey about your Janeite background.

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