Jane Sighting – Out of the Easy

“Darcy or Gatsby,” said Patrick.
“Oh, come on. Can’t you do any better than that?” I scoffed. “That’s obvious. Darcy.”
“I just don’t see why women love him so much. He’s so uptight. Gatsby’s got style.”
“He’s not uptight. He’s shy!” I insisted.

–later in the chapter–

Charlotte grinned. “Josephine, men just don’t understand, do they?”
“Not at all,” I agreed. “For example, Patrick asked if I would rather marry Gatsby or Mr. Darcy.” “No, he didn’t! Who in the world would choose Gatsby over Darcy?” Charlotte caught on and turned to me. “Josephine – Ethan Frome or Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Galbes?”

Out of the Easy, Chapter 8
Out of the Easy

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