Castle of Otranto Discussion

The NJ region of JASNA will meet virtually on October 17th at 2pm to discuss the first work of British Gothic fiction: The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole.

Published in 1764, Otranto is the template for the Gothic novel as we, and Jane Austen, know it. It was an instant success, inspiring an new genre of literature, including the “horrid” novels in Northanger Abbey

Written as a translation of an old Italian manuscript from the time of the Crusades, the story follows Manfred, the lord of  the castle. The story quickly unfolds into Manfred’s realization that a prophecy foretelling the end of his family line is coming true. To the heartbreak of those around him, Manfred resolves to change the fate of his line.

If you haven’t already received the meeting information please use the Contact Us form and we’ll gladly include you on our email list and sending you the information for this meeting.

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