Friday Link Up

Some internet stories you may have missed last week:

The empire line strikes back – Daily Mail
As Netflix’s new period drama Bridgerton takes over our screens, Hanna Woodside meets the Regency superfans for whom, bonnets, balls and clip-on ringlets really are a way of life

‘Brigerton’: 5 More Shows to Watch If You Love the New Netflix Series – CheatSheet
So you’ve already blown through all eight episodes of Netflix’s Bridgerton and are craving more drama and Regency-era romance.

Well Bridgerton isn’t Jane Austen but at least there’s Rege-Jean Page as Hot Simon – Daily Mail
Review of Bridgerton and Motherland

The Best Dramatic Movies of 2020 – Town & Country
Emma is on the list and it made many more lists of best of 2020.

How accurate is ‘Brigerton’s’ tale of sex and scandal in Regency England? We asked. – Los Angeles Times
Here’s a look at the realities of sex, romance and scandal in Regency England

A Double Hot Take on Brigerton, Race & Romance – Refinery 29
This has spoilers for the end of the season.

Woman destroys claims that it’s ‘inaccurate’ to have Black people in ‘Brigerton’ – DailyDot
The critics’ unsaid notion is that there’s no way Black people could behave as they do in the Netflix series.

Happy Birthday, Masterpiece! Find Out Why Americans Love British Programming So Much – Parade

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