Friday Link Up

Here are some news articles and fun posts you may have missed last week:

These Seven Questions Will Determine Which Character From “Bridgerton” Best Matches Your Personality – BuzzFeed

SEEN ON SCREEN The baby names tipped to be popular in 2021… and it looks like new parents are a bunch of telly addicts – The Sun
This is followed by Anya, after actress Anya Taylor-Joy who played the lead in the recent Jane Austen’s Emma adaptation and who played Elizabeth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit.

What ‘Bridgerton’ Gets Wrong About Corsets – Smithsonian Magazine
Women’s rights were severely restricted in 19th-century England, but their undergarments weren’t to blame

Love Bridgerton? Here are 11 Other Period Pieces to Tickle Your Fancy – People
Hold on to your petticoats — these TV shows and films will transport you to balls, brothels, battlefields and everything in between, starting in the 16th century

Jane Austen Heroines, Sorted Into Game Of Thrones Houses – ScreenRant
Jane Austen’s heroines may not perfectly match within the world of Game Of Thrones, but their traits do mirror some of the houses of Westeros.

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