Jane Austen’s French Connection / JASNA-NY and JASNA-NJ Supra-regional Conference

April 17 – April 18

For full program information please visit JASNA-NY website.

A two day event sponsored by JASNA-NY & JASNA-NJ. It leverages Bordentown NJ where the Bonaparte family emigrated after the Napoleonic War.

Former Regional Chairs, Meredith and Amelia and our current Regional Chair Jessica will be presenting a Virtual Walking tour of NJ’s French Connection from the Georgian period or for us the Revolutionary War Era with connections like Joseph Bonaparte, Lafayette, Rochambeau, and more.

If you missed out on having your silhouette cut by Charles Burns at our past meeting, it’s your lucky weekend because he’ll be offering his remarkable talent again for this program. (For an additional charge.)

Other programs include talks on Black Women in 19th Century France, Mary Wollstonecraft, Jewelry of the Regency Era, Franco-American Fashion in the Regency Era, History and Life Upon Lafayette’s Recreated L’Hermione, and more. Plus Saturday night social party games!

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