Friday Link Up

Some internet stories you may have missed this week:

The 15 Best Jane Austen Adaptations Ranked – Slash Film
You can barely swing a cat in Hollywood without hitting a Jane Austen adaptation. The famous English author has a light social satire for every occasion, and each one has been mined by the film industry over and over again. Some adaptations are period dramas, some transpose the stories to different historical eras or cultures, and some defy genres entirely. A couple even turn Austen’s books into horror stories.

Jane Austen’s uncle and auntie used to own a Berkshire manor house – Berkshire Live
Scarlett Lane in the quaint village on Kiln Green in Berkshire boasts a magnificent Grade II-listed, Georgian manor house which has seen the likes of Jane Austen enter its wrought iron gates.

Fundraiser is walking the Jane Austen Trail 272 times – Alton Herald
A CHARITY fundraiser is walking the Jane Austen Trail 272 times to help homeless young people.

Sanditon Season 2 Finally Has a Premiere Date – E! News
Find out when Masterpiece PBS will take viewers back to Sanditon. Plus, see the first-look photos for season two.

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