Fun Friday – Looooog Sentences

I found this article awhile ago but kept forgetting about it until earlier this week when I stumbled upon the bookmark.Today I’m feeling a bit pugnacious It starts:In creative writing and journalism classes a wannabe Steinbeck, Updike or Grantland Rice, was taught to grab his readers early, skip clichés, keep sentences short and avoid sending a … Continue reading Fun Friday – Looooog Sentences

Podcasting with Jane – Going to College

This month's podcast selection are lecture notes from British Literature II Jane Austen Lecture Notes.This podcast was part of the required course work for the class taught by Beth Ritter-Guth at Union County College in Cranford, NJ.You can listen to the podcast here - Lecture Notes for Jane Austen's Emmaand read the transcript here - … Continue reading Podcasting with Jane – Going to College