Jane Austen Siting on Jepoardy!

During the Jeopardy! Round on Friday’s game there was a Jane Austen siting.

The category was 2-WORD RESPONSES

The $1000 answer was – Jane Austen dedicated “Emma” to the future George IV, not by name but under this title

The Question – What is Prince Regent?

Before he was George IV, he was the Prince Regent ruling in his father’s place during the years of 1811 and 1820.

Emma was dedicated to the dissolute Prince Regent (George Augustus Frederick), at his request; he was the uncle of Victoria, and was Prince Regent from 1811-1820 and later king George IV (1820-1830). Jane Austen was apparently not especially pleased by this honour (see her letter on the infidelities of the Prince and his wife). This episode was productive of her amusing correspondence with Mr. Clarke. – from Pemberley.com

 So easy right?  Wrong, this question stumped all three contestants.

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