Friday Audio – WHYY: Celebrating Austen: Pride and Prejudice turns 200

Earlier this week our very own, Deborah Yaffee was on the radio show Raido Times with Marty Moss-Coane along with Colleen Sheehan.

Here’s the program description from the website:

In 1813 Jane Austen published Pride and Prejudice under the pseudonym “A Lady.” In the two centuries since, the story of the quick-witted Elizabeth Bennet and the rich, proud Mr. Darcy has captivated millions of readers and viewers of the many television and film adaptations. But the book is more than just a romance. This hour we celebrate Pride and Prejudice’s 200th Anniversary and Jane Austen’s writing and her life. Guest host Maiken Scott talks with COLLEEN SHEEHAN, an Austen scholar at Villanova University and with DEBORAH YAFFE, a journalist who followed the profiled hard-core Austen devotees for her book Among the Janeites – A Journey Through the World of Jane Austen Fans[sic].

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