Obituaries in the Time of Jane Austen – Program Review

We had a wonderful program this weekend presented by Tim Bullamore.

Tim talked about the history of obituaries, the changes over the years, and more specifically the death notices of the Regency era.

There are 11 known obituaries for Jane. They all read about the same and the one Tim shared reads:

“At Winchester, Miss Jane Austen, youngest daughter of Rev. George Austen, Rector of Steventon, Hants, authoress of “Emma”, “Mansfield Park”, “Pride and Prejudice”, and “Sense and Sensibility.”‘

In every one, plus the plaque on her grave, she is first identified as ‘the daughter of Rev. George Austen.’

You can read more about the different obituaries and her death plaque here:
The Jane Austen Society of Australia – Obituary 
JASNA Vermont – Austen’s Obituaries

You can view more pictures on our Facebook Page

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