It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? – Tutored read: Sense and Sensibility

This is a meme hosted by Book Journey.

LibraryThing member lyzard hosts Tutored reads of Jane Austen novels. Here is lyzard’s explanation of a tutored read:

“For the benefit of any newcomers, a tutored read differs from a group read in that it is led by the nominated “tutee”, who sets the reading pace. There is the opportunity for detailed questions and answers about anything in the text. Everyone is welcome to participate, and more than welcome to ask questions of their own. However, we request that (i) no-one posts about anything in the novel that occurs beyond where the tutee is up to, and (ii) that all posts are headed by a chapter number in bold. This is so that we can both navigate, and avoid the possibility of spoilers.”

Since we are discussing Sense and Sensibility this year I thought some of you might like the tutored read to help you through the novel. Sense and Sensibility Tutored Read 

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