Podcasting with Jane Austen – Jane Austen bio

The last Podcasting with Jane post I told you about Stuff You Should Know.  Another podcast, produced by the same parent company How Stuff Works, is Stuff You Missed in History Class. I just recently started to listen to this one and while I don’t listen to all the topics they have covered some really interesting areas of information. Some recent episodes have been The Lady Who Turned To Soap, Louisa May Alcott, and Alice Roosevelt.

Last March they did a Jane Austen episode.  Most Janites will already know much of what is discussed, but it was still an interesting episode to listen too.

(click on title to go to the podcast page to listen or download the episode.)

She was not a shy spinster who wrote some little books mostly to amuse her own family.  She also was not a real-life Elizabeth Bennett. Jane Austen’s life was very different from any of her heroines.

Click here for a list of the research done on this podcast.

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