Friday Fun: Poll Results – Austen v. Davies

The results are in on Austen v. Davies and the general opinion is:

No! 78% of voters felt that Austen wouldn’t have cared that Andrew Davies showed the private lives of the men in her novels.

We had one “Other” response that I would like to address here.  I’m sharing my personal views on the matter and invite others to either email us or post a comment on the topic.  The “Other” vote read: It’s weird that people think that she could live with her father, brothers, her father’s students, her brothers’ children, and know nothing of men’s lives. We are told that Jane only wrote about what she knew. She knew about the general outward lives of men, and we can assume she knew this because of her father and brothers.  What she didn’t know about was what men did in private. I’m sure she didn’t know what her brothers talked about among themselves, just as her brothers wouldn’t have known what her and Cassandra would have talked about when they were alone. It was this private side that Davies shows. He shows a conversation between Darcy and Bingley, something that Jane could have probably imagined but never would have really known what was being discussed.


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