Friday Link Up

Here are some internet stories you may have missed:

7 books to read to continue to celebrate Women’s History year-round –
See what other books ended up on this list alongside Pride and Prejudice.

Minor characters give new takes on classic stories – Datebook – SF Chronicle
See what other books ended up on this list alongside Longbourn.

Listermann Brewing Co. Mimics Novelist Jane Austen’s Family Recipe to Brew New Spruce Beer – CityBeat
The brew uses molasses and blue spruce tips to make an amber beer similar in flavor to the author’s favorite family recipe.

Clueless: 5 Ways It Holds Up Today (& 5 It Didn’t Age Well) – Screen Rant
Clueless, loosely adapted from Jane Austen’s Emma, is a teen movie from the ’90s, but is it timeless? Or did it, like, just simply not age well?

10 of the best day trips within an hour of London – Evening Standard
In an extract from their book, Ben Olins and Jane Smillie suggest 10 of the best day trips within an hour of London.

Places to Visit in Britain for Jane Austen Fans –

The Adventures of Miss Barbara Pym by Paula Byrne – the ‘modern Jane Austen’? – The Guardian
This excellent cradle-to-grave biography of a much loved novelist who goes in and out of fashion captures her alarming habits and tormented love affairs

13 Films That Make Carey Mulligan One Of The Best Actors Of Her Generation – Vogue UK
The current frontrunner for this year’s Oscar for Best Actress for her fiery turn in Promising Young Woman, the British performer’s road to awards glory is paved with a slew of unforgettable films. Ahead of the ceremony on 25 April, these are the 13 you need to rewatch now.

Bridget Jones Turns 20! Celebrate With These 14 Fun Facts About the Film – Parade

We All Owe Bridget Jones An Apology For Single-Shaming Her – Tyla

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