Friday Link Up

Some Internet stories you may have missed:

How Jane Austen Raised Seven Gothic Novels From the Dead – BookRiot
With October creeping up on us, it’s time again to devote ourselves to the literature that fits the season: the gothic. Full of chills and monsters real and imaginary, it’s a year-round favorite of mine. And I’m in good company, because Jane Austen was a reader and writer of gothic literature as well.

USA Today Best-Selling Author Sophie Barnes Releases New Regency Romance – The Dishonored Viscount – Digital Journal

The 11 best Jane Austen books, including one she wrote as a teen – Insider
(article counts her partially completed titles both as stand alone and collected works, her letters, and her a collection of her Juvenilia as books)

Paris Hilton takes a leaf out of Jane Austen’s recipe book – Apollo Magazine
Author connects Hilton’s Netflix cooking show and her enjoyment of writing out recipes by hand to Martha Lloyd’s Household Book.

Pride and Prejudice and Asset Prices – The New York Times – Opinion
Well, I want to take on the latter argument, which is fundamentally misguided. And one way to illustrate why is to think about an economy simpler than the one we have now — the economy of Jane Austen’s England. I’ll explain later how the sense and sensibility we gain from Austen translates in the 21st century.

Jane Austen and Shelley in the Garden by Janet Todd; The Honey and the Sting by EC Fremantle; Keeping the House by Tace Cin: paperback reviews – Herald Scotland
book reviews

Review: In ‘Persuasion,’ How to Lose Lovers and Influence People – The New York Times
The Bedlam theater company returns with another adaptation of Jane Austen, but the production misses all of the source material’s subtle wit.

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